Vera Tamari

Born in Jerusalem, Vera Tamari studied art in Beirut, Italy and Oxford where she specialized in visual arts and   Islamic art  and architecture. She is lecturer of  Islamic Art and Architecture at  Birzeit  University  where she is also  Founder/Director of the Ethnographic and Art Museum and the Virtual Gallery. Vera Tamari is actively involved in the promotion of art and culture in Palestine and serves as advisor in numerous art and cultural boards. She participates regularly in academic and artistic forums locally and internationally. She  also had participations since 1974 in scores of collective exhibitions, in addition to a number of personal exhibitions. Her work focuses on the issues of memory and identity.


  • Vera Tamari “Silent Lament, 2002 (2nd edition 2011), Fabric, ink, crayons, 140x130 cm, donated to Birzeit University Museum Collection

    Indications of Loss and Hope

    The death and destruction brought upon the Palestinians during the second Intifada and during the Israeli incursions after the year 2000, had also impacted the representation of women in art, where images of loss and agony prevailed. Other works however transcended...