Ahlam Shibli

1970, Shibli Village, Palestine

Selected Solo exhibitions: 2010  "Why Did You Leave The Forest Empty!: Arab al-Sbaih, and The Valley", Darat al Funun - The Khalid Shoman Foundation, Amman; 2008 "Trackers and The Valley", Contemporary Photographic Art Centre Contretype, Brussels; 2007 "Goter and Trackers", Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee. 

Selected group Exhibitions: 2011 "Out of Place", Tate Modern, London; 2011 "Goter and The Valley", The Khalid Shoman Foundation, Amman - Tate Modern, London; 2010-11 "To The Arts, Citizens!", Serralves Museum, Porto; 2010  "Negotiations - The 2nd Today’s Documents 2010”, Today Art Museum, Beijing; 2009 "Everywhere. Sexual Diversity Polices in Art", Centro Galego De Arte Contemporánea, CGAC, Santiago De Compostela; 2008 “Zones of Conflict”, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York.


  • Ahlam Shibli, "Fatoma - 2000", From Unrecognized series, 24.5x37 cm,‘Arab al-Na’im, Palestine, C-print. © Ahlam Shibli

    Political Representation

    Whereas politics and political mobilization occupied a major part in the art works of the foundation period, political images representing women continued in later productions. Artists now introduced in their art works a more personalized and individualized perception of women...