Aissa Deebi

Aissa Deebi is Palestinian artist and a scholar based in Geneva. His early work investigates the complexity of daily practices in post 1948 Palestine: Days like this (1997):
Makkan (1998); My Dream House (1999); Nothing is New Only Forgotten (2000). Later, Deebi's work tackles the theme of immigration and alienation, which culminates into his PhD research, providing critical analysis of Diaspora as a creative space. In tandem with his scholarly work, Deebi produced a body of works that interrogate the complex phenomena of cultural-migration and Diaspora reality as experienced by an adult Palestinian-Immigrant artist in post Sept 11 America: Killing Time (2004); Naked Heroes (2003); Dead Sweet (2004) and more recently Tal El Samak (2011). Most recently, Deebi represented Palestine at the 55th Venice Biennale; he is currently working on projects for the 5th Edition of Çanakkale Biennial in Turkey and Colombo Biennale in Sri Lanka.

Artist Artworks