Yazid Anani

Yazid Anani is an assistant professor at the Department of Architecture and Master Program in Planning and Landscape Architecture – Birzeit University, Palestine. He is currently the head of the academic council of the International Academy

of Art Palestine. His work and research interests are in colonial and post-colonial spaces as well as themes in neoliberal architecture and power. Yazid Anani holds degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and a doctorate degree in Spatial Planning from TU Dortmund, Germany. Yazid Anani is currently part of many regional groups, collectives, and projects such as ‘Decolonizing Architecture’ & ‘Ramallah Syndrome’ and has curated and cocurated several projects such as ‘urban cafés’, & ‘Palestinian Cities: Visual Contention’ and took part in several art projects such as Riwaq Biennale. Yazid Anani took part recently in the exhibition and competition of ‘Creative Palestinian Art’ organized by Art Sawa, Dubai and won the first Price.