Amer Shomali

1981, Kuwait

Selected group Exhibitions: 2010 “Carthage Film Festival”, Tunisia; 2009 "Beirut Animated 2009”, Lebanon; 2010 "Middle East Alternate Sounds & Arts Festival", Athens; 2008 les Halles, Bruxelles, Belgium; 2008 “Centre Wallonie Bruxelles”, Paris, France; 2008 “Gemek", Amsterdam, Netherland; 2008 “The Guardian Foundation”, London, United Kingdom; 2007 "X-ray", StreetBillboards, Ramallah, Palestine; 2007 “MAISON FOLIE”, Mons, Belgium; 2007 “The Second International Biennial of Posters in the Islamic World”, Iran; 2007 “World Social Forum”, Nairobi, Kenya.


  • Amer Shomali , "The Icon - 2011", Installation, 3500 lipsticks,104x145 cm, specially commissioned for Framed/Unframed Original photo credit: Eddie Adams

    Political Representation

    Whereas politics and political mobilization occupied a major part in the art works of the foundation period, political images representing women continued in later productions. Artists now introduced in their art works a more personalized and individualized perception of women...