Raeda Sa’adeh

1977, Um El Fahem, Palestine

Selected group Exhibitions: 2008 "Re-Orientations", the European Parliament, Brussels; 2008 "No Man’s Land", the GEMAK Museum, The Hague, Holland; 2008 "In Transit", House of World Culture, Berlin; 2008 Biennale Cuvee, OK Centre, Lens, Austria; 2007 "Infr’action Festival International d’Art Performance", Se’te, France; 2007 "About Time 2", Kunstmuseum, Denmark. 

Selected Awards: 2000 Young Artist of the Year Award, A. M. Qattan Foundation, Palestine


  • Raeda Sa'adeh, "Tree of Wishes", Performance at Birzeit University- 3h documentation. Specially commissioned for framed/ unframed

    Performance "Tree of Wishes"

    The occupying power has great effects reflected in the daily suffering of our souls and bodies; a fence, a checkpoint, a curfew, a barrier, a wall. This occupation has many faces; Women is an entity occupied intellectually and physically, so that even man may not believe...

  • Raeda Sa’adeh, "Penelope - 2011" Digital print, variable size

    Indications of Loss and Hope

    The death and destruction brought upon the Palestinians during the second Intifada and during the Israeli incursions after the year 2000, had also impacted the representation of women in art, where images of loss and agony prevailed. Other works however transcended...