Mireille Goguikian

 Mireille Goguikian is a Lebanese painter who graduated from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts -ALBA - in 1988. Her meteoric career has been announced from her early beginnings by obtaining multiple honorary prizes and distinctions including: The 2nd Prize of the Béchir Gemayel competition in 1987 for her work: The weaving; The 1st Samir Tabet Prize in 1988 rewarding a set of her pictorial work; The Special Prize at the 18th ARTEX-London in 2003 for her Canvas entitled: The White Escape. 

And since this brilliant rise, benefiting from a scholarship and further training in Italy followed by an active period of 5 years in Paris and thanks to sustained work coupled with exceptional creative vigor, Mireille Goguikian has become an artist engaged to the tip of her brushes. 

She participated in 50 international exhibitions: in Tokyo, London, Paris, Italy, Seoul, Geneva, Syria and Qatar and presented 16 solo exhibitions. Her works appear in several collections, both private and public, and are exhibited in a number of cultural foundations and museums. Among others: Dalloul Art Foundation DAF - Beirut; The Town Hall of Noisy le Grand - Paris; The Syrian Ministry of Culture; The Museum of the Orthodox Academy of Crete - OAC; The Museum of the Catholicosate of Cilicia - Lebanon; The Mtein Museum - Lebanon; The Museum of Contemporary Arts in Yérevan - Armenia. 

Along with her activity as an artist-painter, Mireille Goguikian has always been keen to share her gifts through educational activities at the YWCA from 1987 to 1989, at ALBA in 1989 and at the Toros Roslin Academy. since 1997 to date. 

She currently teaches at the ITSSCC Institut technique des Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs - Bauchrieh and remains a consultant to several institutions and member of the Japan Contemporary Art Association, the National Federation of French Culture, the Salon d'Automne in Paris and the 'Association of Armenian Artists of France - APAF, as well as the Association of Lebanese Painters and Sculptors - LAAPS 

Her solo exhibition “Voyage de l’âme” in February 2022 was held at KAF Contemporary Art Gallery in Beirut as well as another solo exhibition “Murmures Chromatiques”, at Exode Art Gallery in June 2019. 

She held several solo exhibitions at Hamazkayin Art Gallery namely “Au-delà du rêve” in June 2017 and “Racine Carrée” in June 2015. 

For the XIII Biennale in Florence, Mireille Goguikian was selected as a participating artist to showcase seven paintings,” Shards of Beirut” at the exhibition. She won the very selective Jury Prize for this edition of the Biennale. She showcased the collection, ”Shards of Beirut” at the International Mixed Reality Art Gallery (M.A.D.S.), “F**KU” International Online Art Exhibition, February-March 2022. 

She won the Caravaggio Prize in Milan in 2021, and the International Prize Barcelona in November 2022. Her next collective exhibition at La pedrera - Casa Mila, Gaudi Room, in Barcelona, will be held on the 28th of December, and represented by MADS gallery. 

Her upcoming solo exhibition will take place in October 2023 at the Modern Art Museum in Yerevan, Armenia.

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