Mona Hatoum

(born 1952 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a video artist and installation artist of Palestinian origin, who lives in London. Mona Hatoum was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Palestinian parents in 1952. Although born in Lebanon, Hatoum does not identify as Lebanese. “Although I was born in Lebanon, my family is Palestinian. And like the majority of Palestinians who became exiles in Lebanon after 1948, they were never able to obtain Lebanese identity cards


  • The Negotiating Table

    The room is dark, lit only by a light bulb lowered over a table on which the artist lies motionless. Empty chairs surround the table. Her body is bloodstained, covered with entrails, wrapped in plastic, and her head is firmly covered in surgical gauze. On the sound track news reports about civil war and speeches of Western leaders talking about...

  • Over my Dead Body

    Mona Hatoum uses her own personal image in confrontation with the soldier, challenging him with the playful size of representation in this game of power.