Layan Shawabkeh

1987-2009, Palestine

Selected solo exhibitions: 2005 "Premier Paintings" Birzeit University; 2006 "Identity of the Soul", Birzeit University.

Selected group exhibitions: 2009 "Fragile Bodies", The Mosaic Room, London. 2011 "al-Bab, Highlights of contemporary arab art", British Museum at the DIFC, Dubai; 2003 "religion, Art and War", Maison Des Arts, London.

Awards: 2006 Innovation Award, Birzeit University; 2008, Young Artist Award, A.M Qattan Foundation, Ramallah.


  • Layan Shawabkeh, "Absorption - 2009", Acrylic on canvas, 160x160 cm, courtesy A.M. Qattan Foundation

    Indications of Loss and Hope

    The death and destruction brought upon the Palestinians during the second Intifada and during the Israeli incursions after the year 2000, had also impacted the representation of women in art, where images of loss and agony prevailed. Other works however transcended...