Nabil Anani

1943, Latroun, Palestine

Selected Solo exhibitions: 2009 "A State of Mysticism", El Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo; 2008 "A State of Mysticism", Khalil Al-Sakakini Cultural Centre, Ramallah; 2007 "Ink on Paper", Khalil Al-Sakakini Cultural Centre, Ramallah; 2005 "Border Rituals", Peace Centre, Bethlehem; "A Journey into Script", Foyles Gallery, London; 2001 "People and Chairs", Khalil Al-Sakakini Cultural Centre, Ramallah; 1998 "Leather Compositions, Al-Wasiti Art Centre, Jerusalem and Arts and Crafts Village, Gaza City; 1996 "Leather Compositions Inspired by the first Intifada", Khalil Al-Sakakini Cultural Centre, Ramallah; 1985 "Acrylic Works Inspired by Palestinian Folklore", Al-Hakawati Theatre, Jerusalem; 1980 "Paintings and Ceramics” Gallery 79, Ramallah; 1972 ”Oil Paintings”, YWCA, Jerusalem.

 Selected group Exhibitions: 2009 7*7 "Palestinian Art Exhibition", Cairo Amman Bank Hall, Amman; 2005 "Palestinian Art Exhibition", UNICEF, Beirut; 2004 "The Colors of Life and Freedom", Palestinian Art Exhibition, UNESCO, Paris; 1990 "Palestinian Art Exhibition", Parliament Hall, Madrid; 1989-1996 "New Vision Group"; 1977 "Palestinian Art Exhibition", travelling exhibition in  8  US  States; 1976 "Palestinian Art Exhibition", Tattershall Castle Boat London; 1973 "Joint Exhibition with Issam Bader", Orthodox Club, Ramallah.


  • Two Bethlehem Girls

    In this work we find a continuation of the symbolism that was originally fostered in the 1970s. The image of Palestinian women who in their traditional embroidered dress became symbols of national struggle and Palestinian identity.

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    News - A huge explosion was witnessed last night, just after midnight due to a fire in the building of the Old Mill located in Jafa Street in the city of Nablus. The fire burnt fiercely in the 5 stories building causing major damage to the interiors and the destruction of a major section of the Old Mill. The fire brigades of Nablus Municipality...