Borhan Karakotli

Karakotli was born in Damascus in 1933. He studied fine arts in Cairo and worked as professor in the Faculty of  Fine Arts at Damascus University. He founded the Union of Arab Artists in Damascus in 1971.  Karakotli moved to Germany where he remained until his death in 2003. He is considered  one of the most important Arab artists to have been  associated in supporting the Palestinian revolution. Almost all his graphic works  revolved around  the theme of the  Palestinian revolution as well as folks tales


  • Burhan Karkoutly, "Untitled - 1975", Digital print reproduction, 100x70 cm

    In the Frame of Heroism

    The 1970s were considered an important stage of visual production dominated by the emergence of an iconic image of Palestinian women who in their traditional embroidered dress, became symbols of national struggle, identity and revolution. The female became the signifier of...