Ayman Essa

1974, Gaza, Palestine

Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2005 "Dajar", A. M. Qattan Foundation, Ramallah.

Selected group Exhibitions: 2011 “We Should Be”, Red Crescent Society, Gaza; 2004-2005 "The Traveling Exhibition of 10 Young Artists from Gaza", France; 1999 "Biennial for Young Artists", Rome. 


  • Dalalah, Ayman Issa- “Charm - 2007", Acrylic on canvas, 60x50 cm, Amer Shomali collection

    Where Does the Body Stan?

    For many years - sometimes until today - most of the founding artists - had not altered the way they dealt with the female body. Their focus was mainly on the aesthetical form and on political associations. The figure of the woman with all the symbolism it carried, was...