Iyad Issa

Iyad Issa lives and works in Ramallah. His work investigates the intersections between art, architecture and urbanism within the city’s landscape and history.  His recent art-based researches explore topics related to modern history, urbanism and cities in Palestine and the region. His work “At the edge of reality” (2012) in The 4th Cities Exhibition “beyond the celestial and terrestrial” an art-based research reflected on the contemporaneity dynamic of the Jericho city. He also participated in the 3rd cities exhibition “Between Ebal and Gerzim” in 2011 by site-specific installation (with Sahar Qawasmi) “Palestine Connected” that explores the fragmented history and geography through the narratives of the Hedjaz railways in Palestine. He also curated “Modernity and Urban Life in the Arab Region” Symposium in Qalandiya International (2012). He has been involved with several rehabilitation and renovation initiatives locally and internationally (London, Turkey). The most recent projects are the rehabilitation of Ramallah historic center & Birzeit’s historic center (2008-2014).


  • Work in progress

    The city of Nablus has been a ground for a continuum of imposed geographies throughout history and continues today in these times of uncertainty. Palestine Connected  investigates 100 years of spatial manifestations developed under regional political powers in Nablus. The investigation progresses through the history of the Hejaz and Palestine...