Nasser Soumi

1948, Jenin, Palestine

Nasser Soumi studied fine arts in Damascus and Paris. He has had a number of personal exhibits and participated in a number of group exhibits, notably at the Tokyo Museum, the Madrid National Museum, and the Paris Institut du Monde Arabe. Soumi’s works can be found in public collections such as the Tunis Museum of Modern Art, the French National Fund for Contemporary Art, the Paris Bibliotheque Nationale, and the Baghdad National Museum. Soumi transforms a variety of ordinary materials into works of art. His works are mainly installations featuring his characteristic indigo color. Soumi currently resides in Paris, France.




  • Site Specific Installation

    A person's hypothetical relationship to a place is the merging of two realities:  a physical one - perpetually present by the conscious rhythm of on-going footsteps, the other, a mystical one that has infinite invisible paths. Paths that lead everywhere and nowhere! The artist’s personal relationship with a place is intuitive - it is like a...