“El Che, endless reader” Exhibition

July 16, 2016 to August 8, 2016 - 12:00 to 14:45

El Che, Endless Reader exhibition was first exhibited in the city of Rosario in Argentina by the Latin American Studies Center, as part of the city’s Reading Week campaign in April 2013. The exhibition then was held in Palestine in collaboration with cultural and academic institutions. The exhibition offers Palestinian audience an insight into the readings that Che has made and the life he has lived as an endless reader. The Exhibition seeks to contribute to retrieving the status and importance of books, reading and knowledge as important tools for liberation and resistance.

The purpose of the exhibition is also to introduce the audience to the rich and diverse texts that inspired Che’s as a thinker. The exhibition spans  trajectory from  his early childhood until his last days in the Bolivian jungle. Besides Che’s theoretical readings in politics, history, economics, philosophy, sociology, and psychology, among other subjects, the exhibition aims to delve deeper into the other readings that influenced his life and came from different genres such as novels, poetry and short stories.

Che, the endless reader, started as a child to create his own “reading plan”. At a very early age, he assigned all the books he plans to read, took notes of the parts that interested him and made comments on the margins of his books. His remarks included his views and thoughts on the authors and their writings. Che encouraged his comrades to read by encouraging literacy; he created libraries in the forest and organized group readings and discussions.

Che’s readings influenced his views on the concepts and notions pertaining to the revolution, liberty, justice and human dignity. His quest for knowledge played a significant role in defining his universal character and exceptional life, which made him a great icon that inspired –and continues to inspire- millions around the world.

This is the first exhibition to be hosted at Daraj Gallery. By the opening of this new venue, the Museum seeks to create a new experimental platform for new artistic and intellectual space creations and for cultural practitioners from different fields. The initiative’s objective is to attract students and the younger generation to become involved in the Museums’ activities in both, specific and general cultural productions.

The exhibition is held in partnership with A.M Qattan Foundation and The Representative Office of Argentine Republic to the State of Palestine, and in cooperation with the Palestine and Arabic Studies Program – Birzeit University.

Curated by Ziad Yousef - Hajali

Location of the Exhibition: Daraj Gallery. basement floor.The Faculty of Education

Ziad Yousef - Hajali
Birzeit University Museum / Daraj Gallery.