Workshop / First: Graphic Design Workshop.

Birzeit University Museum held a graphic design workshop for Architecture Students taking the “Landscape” course, in order to explain the process of producing the artworks related to Wild Flowers of Palestine Exhibition for the artist Louise Nakhleh using contemporary digital methods. The Workshop was lead by the Museum’s production manager; Ziyad HajAli, under the supervision of the course Instructor Dr. Samar AlNather.
Students have searched the internet for the methodological aspects related to Palestinian flowers in the local culture, and then transferred the pictures formed for these flowers into digital texts that maintain the shape of the flower, and integrated the related methodological information within these texts, and they were showcased in the Exhibition that was opened on the 2nd of April 2016 at Khalil AlSakakini Cultural Center.

Artist :  Ziad Yousef Hajali.

April 23, 2016 to April 24, 2016