Trail in Jericho – 4th edition of cities exhibition / When Rahab speaks … a story of betrayal and survival

The fifth and last trial of Jericho retells the story of Rehab, the Canaanite woman who hosted and hide two of Joshua spies. The trial began in Tel Al-Sultan where tour guide Nasri Hamail took the audience in a tour defining the archeology of that area. Participants then moved straight to Mount Temptation restaurant where they met archaeologist Dr. Mahmoud Hawari who spoke about the importance of relics in Palestine and Jericho in particular. Followed by a visit to Shahwan house which turned into a Jewish synagogue because of its  mosaic when Rima Shahwan talked about the house and her life there and how now she’s prevented from entering it.  Then they listened to a similar story by Mr. Khaled Awatlah who invited the participants to his home and offered coffee. The final station was in Banana Land resort where they all sat in a panel discussion about the trial, its importance, objectives and they expressed deep gratitude for Birzeit University Museum for such project.


October 7, 2012 to October 8, 2012