Third Trail in Jericho – Cities Exhibition – Fourth Edition / At The Edge of Reality: Oasis Jericho

The third trail started from “Aqbaet Gaber” refugee camp which included a welcome speech by the owner of Sami hotel. Then the jeeps loaded participants went to Jericho desert "Area C". The trail stopped there to take photos and interrupted by a speech of the legions team leader. After that, the participants went to Jericho rest station in which the pioneer  welcomed the participants and took them in a tour in the place. Then they headed to the rally space, where was a race competition. Then they went to Hisham bin Abdul Malik palace and watched a movie about the relics in Jerusalem Museum "Rockefeller". It ended with a presentation in “Tel Mfaggar” about " Sultan Oasis " project and  jeeps tour around the city center then moving to Ramallah.

Artist : Iyad Issa.


October 5, 2012 to October 6, 2012