Seminar / Jericho first …new road map!!

The third seminar of Cities Exhibition was facilitated by Samah Hijawi. Members of the community in Jericho along with the mayor, a number of the students from Birzeit University, and faculty member and sociologist Abaher al Saqqa attended the meeting and participated in the discussion.  In this project, the artist tackled the following questions: What can happen if 1948 and 1967 areas of Palestine suddenly drawn under water? What if Jerusalem became a touristic site for diving campaigns?  What if the biggest enemy of the Arab World and the occupied people disappears? The discussion was mainly taking place between Professor Al-Saqqa and the artist. The audience then participated in the discussion. 

Artist :  Abaher Al-Saqqa.

Participant : Abaher Al-Saqqa.

Partnership : British council, Goethe institute, Jericho municipality, Isalmic development bank, International Academy of Art Palestine.



January 14, 2013