Romantic Boycott

The Romantic Boycott is considered an artistic experience connected to agriculture; it included planting the area located behind the Museum as a method of connecting between the concept of boycott and art through an artistic production in which roses are considered the door to opening questions about the concept of boycott in the framework of active critical thinking and beautiful cultural productions.
With the passage of time, the work invested in caring for the roses and harvesting them becomes a method of testing what is available under the current circumstances, and reexamines the concept of group work and the contributions all individuals can offer. 
The Romantic Boycott examines the theory and the active methods related to the role of art and artists in the public life. This experience offers both artists and the local society the opportunity to offer various conceptions about boycott in the Palestinian context.

Participant :  Students from Basr Programme, students from the Environment Club, students and employees from the University.


October 30, 2014