Resistance and Education in Palestine: Britain's Colonial Long Shadow

Birzeit University Museum,Fobzu (Friend of BZU, London) CAABU present

The Second Annual Leila Ingrams Memorial Webinar

Resistance and Education in Palestine:  Britain's Colonial Long Shadow


Dr Rana Barakat, Director Birzeit Museum and Assistant Professor, Department of History, Birzeit University

Yasmeen Qaadan, PhD Candidate, Birzeit University Doctoral Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences 

This open discussion will cover the legacies of British mandate colonialism in Palestine. Both as a colonizing power and as a military, political and cultural sponsor of settler colonial invasion in Palestine, a glimpse into the modalities of power and repression in the mandate era provide a deeper analysis for the long history of Palestinian resistance in all of its forms. This conversation will pay particular attention to the role of education and cultural heritage, integrating the collections and work of the BZU Museum as we explore the various aspects of this long imperial shadow. 

6.30pm, Tuesday 31st May,2022


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May 31, 2022