Launch of The Three Dimensional Virtual Museum: 3DVM

The 3DVM is a three-dimensional virtual space that presents a virtual interactive version of the gallery space at the Birzeit University Museum. The 3DVM aims to provide an experimental interactive space for exhibitions as it allows users to visit the exhibitions electronically, navigate the space online and discuss the exhibitions on display via common social networks. The project also provides a space for curating and producing artistic exhibitions using advanced techniques in the realm of virtual reality. The project hosts a webpage of the exhibition displayed at Birzeit University Museum and an archive for previous exhibitions. It will also host a page for exhibitions and projects suggested by students that can later be realized and produced in the actual space of the museum. This project was designed by 2 young architects: Omar Abboudi & Yousif Al-Khateeb who also lead the student workshops.

Sponsor: This project was made possible by the generous contribution of The Prince Clause Fund.

To  use the application you need to download 3d unity plug -in: 
Then go to  visit the 3DVM on :

Location: The Virtual Gallery Website

July 25, 2011