Exhibition opening / ‘Jericho – beyond the celestial and terrestrial’ 4th edition of Cities Exhibition /

The third phase of the 4th edition titled Jericho- Beyond the Celestial and the Terrestrial was launched at Birzeit University Museum. The curator in this exhibition worked with five artists. They transformed the space of the museum into a political space where artworks are employed as agents instigating continuous discussions and dialogue with the prevailing mainstream political discourse and prospectus of social issues.

Artist : Iyad Issa, Samah Hijawi, Sarah Beddington, Shuruq Harb and Susanne Bosch.

Curator : Yazid Anani.

Partnership : The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa –Islamic Bank Administration (BADEA), Jericho Municipality ,Goethe Institute, & British Council.




January 14, 2013