Exhibition Opening /

The exhibition features unique photos for the internationalist figure Che Guevara, reading in the most unexpected and cruel scenes and the role of reading, and the knowledge has accumulated over the years of his life. The exhibition tackles the impact on his views regarding the revolution and issues of liberty, justice and human dignity and its role in defining his universal character and exceptional life, which made him a great icon and a source of inspiration that continues to inspire millions around the world. The exhibition introduces the encyclopedic and rich readings that has enriched El Che’s thought since his childhood and until his last days in the Bolivian forests, in addition to books about his upbringing and the basis of his theories (in politics, history, economics, philosophy, sociology and psychology).
The exhibition marks the opening of the second exhibition hall of the Birzeit University Museum; Daraj Gallery, which represents a new platform for arts and thought.  “El Che, endless reader” exhibition epitomizes the importance of reading and its role in liberating minds, showcasing to the community of the university and the interested public an iconic liberation experience that was based on knowledge and endless openness.

Curator :  Ziad Yousef Al-haj Ali.

Participant :  A.M Qattan Foundation and The Representative Office of Argentine Republic to the State of Palestine (PAS).

July 18, 2016