Book launch: The Ever Elusive Past: Discussions of Palestine's History and Heritage

About the book: 
The book presents a collection of lectures by Thomas L. Thompson, Professor Emeritus at the University of Copenhagen and Ingrid Hjelm, professor Emerita at the University of Copenhagen. The lectures present a critical revision of the biblically oriented, traditional and ethnocentric history of the region. The lectures support the construction of a narrative of Palestine’s history from the earliest human occupation of the region to the present
The book is published with support from The Danish House in Palestine and The Representative Office of Denmark.

About the authors
Thomas L. Thompson Professor Emeritus, worked at the University of Copenhagen from 1993 to 2009. He was Research Fellow for the Tübinger Atlas des vorderen Orients from 1969 to 1976. He has produced more than twenty books, five of which have been translated into Arabic, and 170 lesser works related to the history of Palestine and biblical literature, the best known of which are The Historicity of the Patriarchal Narratives (1974); The Settlement of Palestine in the Bronze Age (1979); The Early History of the Israelite People (1992); The Bible in History (1999); The Messiah Myth (2005), and Biblical Narrative and Palestine’s History (2013); with Ingrid Hjelm, Hamdan Taha and Ilan Pappe (eds.), A New Critical Approach to the History of Palestine (2019). 
Ingrid Hjelm is Associate Professor Emerita at the University of Copenhagen and former Director of the Palestine History and Heritage Project (PaHH) (2014–17). She is author of The Samaritans and Early Judaism (2000) and Jerusalem’s Rise to Sovereignty (2004), and, with K. Whitelam, T.L. Thompson, N.P. Lemche and Ziad Muna, New Information about the History of Ancient Palestine (Arabic; 2004); with Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme (eds.), Myths of Exile (2015); with Thomas L. Thompson (eds.), Changing Perspectives 6 and 7 (2016), and with Hamdan Taha, Ilan Pappe and Thomas L. Thompson (eds.), A New Critical Approach to the History of Palestine (2019).

November 25, 2019