The art collections exhibition “Marwan Kassab Bashi” Lithograph

June 6, 2011 to June 16, 2011 - 12:30 to 15:15

The Ethnographic and Art Museum at Birzeit University presents this collection of lithographs by the Syrian artist Marwan Kassab Bashi which he donated to the museum in 1998 as a gesture for the Palestinian people. His collection contributed to the foundation of the museum's early art collections. Birzeit University possesses an artistic collection made of 250 works of art, paintings and photography donated as gifts to the university by a number of Palestinian, Arab and international prominent artists. Amongst the valuable components of the collection are 75 original works by the Syrian artist Marwan Kassab Bashi which he donated to the Ethnographic and Art Museum in Birzeit University under the title "To the Children of Palestine". The mediums used in the production of this collection include: Aloquaril drawing technique, Chinese printing and manual printing and lithograph. For the purposes of this exhibition, the museum chose to put on display lithograph works done with other techniques of manual printing.  

The Ethnographic and Art museum was able to obtain Marwan Kassab Bashi's collection through the generous support and contribution from the Goethe-Institute in Ramallah.

Location: Birzeit University Museum.Main Gallery

Ziad Yousef Hajali.

Exhibited Artworks