Works of Illuminated Space Project / 811 To Return

Infiltrate, 2016, acrylic on jute, 193 x 2.79 cm

In the second part of the exhibition, the artist will present three recently completed acrylic paintings of her project Illuminated Space: Between Birzeit and Ramallah, To Return: Infiltrate, and Mondrian Boogie Woogie.  critic Maymana Farahat sheds light on the Artist’s recent paintings & reviews them within broader frame of history of modern painting.
To Return, Infiltrate exemplifies how color relativity can be used to create the illusion of depth on a flat surface, as cool tones are evenly distributed in vertical brushstrokes across the composition and solid squares appear to float in mid air over a shimmering sea of color. The title of the work suggests that the suspended shapes are shown approaching a densely structured environment yet return in mass, ready to infiltrate.