Seventh Wave of Killing on the Western Road

D2151 Abu Ayyoub and Abu Fareed, the Seventh Wave of Killing, the Kafr Qasem Massacre of 1956 series 2012. Conté crayon on paper, 22 x 30 in, 56 x 75 cm

Drawing number D2151
When Israeli soldiers showered bullets on the workers of the Seventh Wave, many fell to the ground desperately seeking shelter. Some tried to hide under the truck itself. Abu Ayyoub managed to squeeze his young body over the spare wheel under the truck. He told of how in due time all those under the truck were shot and their bodies pulled out, but he remained hidden. Of the Israeli soldiers, he said, “When they finished, they sat resting their backs on the truck's rear and were so close that I could have extended my hand and touched their backs. They were smoking and laughing.” Later, when the soldiers had moved on to the next killing event, one worker, Abu Fareed, who had escaped, returned. Wanting but unable to squeeze next to Abu Ayyoub, he curled himself up near a rear wheel. The soldiers eventually found and killed him.