Nablus, Jabal el-Nar (Mountain of Fire)

Site Specific Installation

A person's hypothetical relationship to a place is the merging of two realities:  a physical one - perpetually present by the conscious rhythm of on-going footsteps, the other, a mystical one that has infinite invisible paths. Paths that lead everywhere and nowhere! The artist’s personal relationship with a place is intuitive - it is like a well, carved in the depth of our soul, abounding with energy and a forceful source of knowledge. This intimate intuition forges the work and guides the artist into the soul of Nablus upon his return to Palestine and Nablus in 1993. This work is one in a series of artworks inspired by "The Palestinian Cities". It is an allegory to Nablus, Jabal el-Nar, the city with a beating heart and a visible /invisible soul. Hidden in a large hollowed wooden cube, the work is invisible at first to the visitor. It slowly reveals itself, like secrets well hidden in the depth of a well. Nablus is the fresh odor of olive oil and soap, and the flickering of a small flame that beats, beats, beats... forever alive.