Killing in the Northern Fields

D2141 Killing in the Northern Fields, the Kafr Qasem Massacre of 1956 series 2012. Conté crayon on paper, 30 x 44 ½ in, 76 x 113 cm

Killed: - Abdallah Ahmad Easa (15 years old)
             - Abed Muhammad Easa (nine years old)
             - Ibraheem Abdal-Hadi Easa (35 years old).
           - Sami Mahmoud Mustafa

Drawing number D2141
In the northern fields of the village, three shepherd boys were out watering the family’s flock of sheep not knowing that Israel had launched a surprise attack on Egypt just hours before, nor were they aware of the curfew imposed on their village. Ibraheem Easa, their uncle who was 35 years old, had learnt of the curfew and left the safety of his home to bring them back. They returned immediately with grown-up Ibraheem leading the flock. The two boys, Abed and Abdallah, nine and 15  years old, were just behind him while the third boy, Sami Mustafa, was watching the rear of the herd. Israeli soldiers of the Border Police stopped them and immediately shot and killed Ibraheem, Abed, and Abdallah. Sami saw them being shot and fell to the ground pretending to be dead and survived.