Ice Cream

Ice cream

We eat ice cream before it melts… just as we do with dreams and joy. We hold to this moment in order to find our momentary joy in life, in order to find it beautiful even for few minutes. It is an extraordinary recreation and we race against time before it melts.

Ice cream melts fast. It snatches us from aging years and throws us in the world of childhood, play and joy. Ice cream is the process of finding joy and temporary pleasures.

Ice cream is pleasurable and enjoyable especially for children. Who amongst us does not like ice cream? Who amongst us does not seek to enjoy that moment? We remove the garment of daily life concerns and hardships and search for transient delight. It is the childish and spontaneous disarray caused by the ice cream, and it is a challenge to the bitter experiences of daily life whose ingredients are the closure, terror, hunger and intimidation. It is possible to include these under the rubric of the “ice cream” war. A child’s cry reverberates, “Stop the war; stop the destruction. Let us play and feel the joy. Let us taste the other flavor of life.”