Fourth Wave of Killing on the Western Road

D2147 The Martyrdom of Saleh Amer, Fourth Wave of Killing, the Kafr Qasem Massacre of 1956 series 2012. Conté crayon on paper, 30 x 44 ½ in, 76 x 113 cm

Killed: - Saleh Mahmoud Amer (40 years old)
The truck driver, Abdallah Easa, and 26 passengers among them:
   - Muhammad Khamees Amer known as Abu Butros, and
   - Mohamed Dahoud Rabi known as Abu Sameeh,

Drawing number D2147
The truck of the Fourth Wave was stopped at the side of the road by order of the armed Israeli soldiers. It was full of terrified workers who had seen the bodies of the dead from the previous events and had just witnessed the killing of the shepherd boy and his father. They were sure they would be killed next and some prepared themselves by praying. When the truck began to leave, followed by the jeep full of armed soldiers, Saleh Amer, who had been returning home on foot, tried to jump onto the truck for safety. But the soldiers in the jeep shot him dead. Suddenly, an old man, Abu Mousa, ran in front of the jeep. The driver of the truck, Abdallah Easa, seeing the jeep delayed, bravely took the opportunity to escape and madly drove to safety, thus saving the lives of 23 workers. At their destination they all rushed inside one small house leaving the motor running and the headlights on. An hour later one worker carefully sneaked out and turned them both off. Inside the house they found sacks of wheat which they used to barricade the door, fully expecting to be pursued inside and killed. They remained thus barricaded for the duration of the two consecutive 24 hour curfews.