Fifth Wave of Killing on the Western Road

Copy (DG) Printing, 55.9x76.2cm, 2012

Mahmoud Abdal-Ghafer Rayyan (35 years old)
Mustafa Umar Odeh
Mustafa Abdal-Qader Sarsour known as Abu Thiyab
Jum’a Rasheed Bdier
Saleh Ahmad Sarsour
Mustafa Abdal-Qader Sarsour

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Of the 43 men, women, and children who would die at the western entrance to the village, six men and a boy had already been shot dead and many wounded when the truck of the Fifth Wave arrived, bringing home the driver and five passengers. The Israeli Border Police tried to stop them in advance of the spot where earlier killing had taken place. But having heard gunfire before arriving, the driver took off at high speed in spite of the rain of bullets. In the back of the truck, Mahmoud Rayyan stood up to see what was going on, and was shot dead. As the truck sped away, passengers could see the first three victims of the Sixth Wave arriving on bicycles and being shot.