Training "Bassar"

BASAR is a professional training program for students and interns who have interest to develop skills to work in museums & in the cultural sector . The program has 4 areas of training:

Guided Tours

Collections Management

Cultural Management


Basar online encourages students to develop exhibition projects in the museum virtual space. 3DVM was the first project to be implemented in the virutal museum

3DVM is a three-dimensional virtual museum which is a replica of Birzeit University Museum. It's an experimental online exhibition environment that provides venue for the interactive display of exhibitions, as well as a tool for training in the fields of curation and exhibition space-design.

The 3DVM aims to provide a medium for experimentation in the fields of curation and exhibition space-design, as well as a venue for the interactive display of exhibitions where users can navigate the space online and discuss them through common social networks. Birzeit University Museum is a dynamic gateway to the arts to the Birzeit University community and the Palestinian community at large. The program was designed by Yousif Al-Khatib & Omar Aboudi. Student Participants: 

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To run application you can download the software :