Pedagogy is where all the aspects of BZU Museum come together. We hold regular programming throughout the year -- centered in the space of the Reading/Research Room of BZU Museum -- where we nurture conversations across the cultural spectrum. Among other activities, we hold a reading circle every semester, open to all students of BZU, focusing on reading the literature that has given life to our cultural endeavors and collective journeys. We also hold programming related to engaging our collections and around our other activities at BZU Museum. Please follow this page and social media to follow and join us in our pedagogical adventures.

Reading Tawfiq Canaan in Contemporary Palestine: Historical-Anthropological Explorations.
In the 2022/2023 academic year, BZU Museum, with Insaniyyat (Society of Palestinian Anthropologists) held an intense course titled: Reading Tawfiq Canaan in Contemporary Palestine: Historical-Anthropological Explorations. We collectively met once a month, (hybrid) gathering from all parts of Palestine and the shatat  as  we read through the enormous corpus of Dr Tawfiq Canaan's writings. This was the first iteration of what will hopefully be an ongoing relationship with Insaniyyat as BZU Museum works to nurture the pedagogical possibilities of our rich collections.

BZU Museum Reading Circle: BZU Museum holds a regular reading circle every semester and it is collectively organized by students, scholars and researchers where we read together texts that cover the myriad of topics and concepts nurtured by BZU Reading/Research Room (and here add a link to photos from last year's reading circle).