Inass Hamad Yassin

1973, Asira Al-Shamalieh, Palestine

Selected Solo Exhibitions: “Screening Failed”, Your Space gallery at Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven; 2008 “Transformation”, The Ethnographic & Art Museum,Birzeit; 2007 “The Sea is Black”, International Academy for Contemporary Arts Palestine, Ramallah. 

Selected group Exhibitions: Exhuastion, 2010 “The Jerusalem Show”, Al-Ma’mal Foundation, Jerusalem; 2010 "Ramallah the Fairest of Them All?", Ramallah, Ethnographic & Art Museum Birzeit. 2008 "Never Part", Al-Ma’mal Foundation , Jerusalem; 2008 “On Heaven’s gates”, Al-Ma’mal Foundation, 2008 "Palestinian Narrative", United Nations, NY; 2006 "Liminal Spaces", Leipzig Gallery, Leipzig; 2010. Residencies:Cita dela arte  ,Biella ,Italy, 2006 "Braziers International Artists Residency Exhibition", UK; 2006,  "Jifna International artist residency,Jifna.2004. 



  • Inass Yassin, "Mirror – 2004", Digital print, 170x60 cm, 3rd edition 2011, plexi glass board, courtesy the artist

    Where Does the Body Stan?

    For many years - sometimes until today - most of the founding artists - had not altered the way they dealt with the female body. Their focus was mainly on the aesthetical form and on political associations. The figure of the woman with all the symbolism it carried, was...

  • Mirror

    A two-faced image of the artist herself that raises questions regarding the portrayal of the body in the public sphere, identity and the impact of society on what is deemed public and/ or private.

  • Installation 150*142cm, 2002

    Since 1957, the photographer Mohammed Abu Hasirah  (Abu Jamil) produced hundreds of portraits for the studio’s visitors. He used interior decoration arrangements and landscape backdrops of exotic beaches far away from Nablus as well as a selection of various costumes while giving strict guidance to the proper positioning of the body and the...